Diamond Days & Firenights [2 LP]

by The Last Domino

1.01 - 11:11 01:27
Honey, look now, way up high Focus on that star Close your eyes and concentrate real hard Tell no one under the sky What it is you see Tell no one, oh no, not even me Soon you will know just what the future promises But all that matters now is that you make a wish So make a wish
I'll keep my eyes up tonight Gimme somethin' of past desire Dreams of long ago Gimme somethin' untainted made of glistening gold 'Cos my globe is cracked and leakin' And out falls the snow So gimme somethin' undamaged onto which I can hold Diamond days & firenights Make a mark and make it shine Bright enough to see from satellites Well there's no shame in dreamin' of a future age Where all your aspirations haven't been whisked away So I'll keep my spirits hopin' that the road will pave And gimme somethin' that I can carry off to my grave Diamond days & firenights Draw your eyes up to the sky You won't distinguish us from the moonlight Keep your eyes up We are the sunlight We are the starlight Honey, look now, way up high Focus on that star Close your eyes and concentrate real hard
1.03 - Rift 04:07
'Round nine o'clock on Monday A sudden rift divided you and me The air between us thickened It formed a wall and I just can't explain it Honesty is all the rage in my world, so tell me straight And cut this tension I knew it was comin' But what I expected was not like this You're not like this To what do I owe this swift turn of events tonight? Please shed some light The wheels were turning, then all motion abruptly ceased And I flew from my seat The silent treatment doesn't remedy any blow Far as I know Is this how you like it to go? Then I'll go By nine o'clock on Sunday The rift had widened to a canyon's size I tried to hunt for answers But it proved a pointless exercise, a waste of time Your excuse, my little song won't put right what's been put wrong And I don't care to 'Cos if there might be some way Don't think that I would bridge the gap between This space between To what do I owe that swift turn of events that night? Please shed some light The wheels were turning, then all motion abruptly ceased And I flew from my seat The silent treatment isn't working as you prescribed 'Cos I don't mind If this is was all your design, I'll keep that in mind next time Next time? Yeah, right
Down by the farmhouse in old Edentown That's where the first of the lot had been found His limbs and his mouth were wire-bound Mother lay inside the house, bruised and burned Headless, along with the boys and the girls What in the world did they do to incur Discordia? Now the police search the dead winter night With all the regalia, the hounds and the lights Try as they might, they'll never find me
I don't remember what was said when I caught you two in bed But now I sit here drinkin' shit beer, chasin' Johnnie Walker Red It's not the fact you wrecked my world, or that you left me for a girl But now supposin' the bar is closin', I've got no place left to curl So barkeep, please don't shout last call Or I might just end it all Just keep it comin' with the alcohol I never touched one drop with you. I knew it would upset you to But now I slump here drinkin' skunk beer, chasin' Johnnie Walker Blue The more I drink, the more I see I don't need you to comfort me Through empty bottles and beer I've got total clarity Oh barkeep, please don't shout that call Or I might just end it all Just keep it flowin' with the alcohol Oh, when tomorrow comes around, where do you think that I'll be found? I've had enough to kill a full-grown cow Oh, when tomorrow comes around, I may be six feet underground But I'll still have one more for now I saw your face when dawn had cracked. You pled with me to take you back I soaked the reverie in when everything went Johnnie Walker Black I'd just remembered what was said, but seeing your face had calmed my head And I'd let bygones become bygones if I could return again Oh, when tomorrow comes around, do you think that I'll be found? I had enough to kill a full-grown cow And when tomorrow comes around, looks like I'll be six feet underground Too bad I never had that final round This was my last call for someone's aid Now it's the last call for Heaven's train If only you weren't too late
Here I am, back in the city where nobody sleeps Lost in the throngs of those I've conjured up in the dream Just as I'm rounding 2nd & 46th Blue eyes are peering from behind the fence Jumping from rooftop to rooftop and spreading my wings I land on some moon and enjoy all that silence can bring And just when, at last, I think that I am free Red curls are peeking from a crater next to me You always find a way into my dreams No matter how I try to escape I travel city to city, from planets to other planes Yet you always find some way into my dreams I've prided myself in my ability to control Everything happens here because I make it so But throughout it all I guess I should have known Only you could be the one to find the loophole The way into my dreams Can't count the times I've tried to escape I still see you when I wake, and it haunts me throughout the day 'Cos you'll always find some way into my dreams
I knew a girl who beat cancer by sheer force of will Doctors and treatments weren't the answers, nor were the pills I fear I haven't the might to make similar strides in my life I just stew in my brine with my back burners all set on high She traveled on to heal those with her old affliction Conquered all fears and achieved more than she ever pictured But I'm the grandfather clock, the bicycle attached to a beam The record after it's ended, the perpetual motion machine Zero to ninety in seconds mere Ain't that impressive in neutral gear
I found the ring right away, indicating you'd gone and won't come back I hoped and I prayed that there might be a way we could patch things Alas, things can't change, but if that's the case, why'd you say, "now and forever"? Now who's gonna put the spark in your eyes? And who's gonna sing the songs that you like? And who's gonna light the fire in your life? Just who's takin' you home tonight? Tracks in the snow, that is all that I'm leaving behind me When I reach that field on the outskirts where we used to lay, then it's over I drove here to stay and always remain, seeing your face now and forever I'd shift the car out of neutral I'd even pull out the key And I'd take the hose out the window If you would only come back to me
lyrics by Billy Corgan
She left her house with just a bag of odds and ends And hopped the train just as the doors were closin' in Diamond days & firenights are what she says you gotta live for "What do you live for?" Sorry I can't be the one to follow suit My nerves are caged, I can't bear what it's like to lose Yet somehow I always succeed in playing the muse "Just take your chances, no second glances" I've been down this road before But where it forks ahead, I don't know the way I finally got my torch to glow And I'll try this again right now Let's try this again right now Will someone show me how? Somethin's stirrin' up inside my world of glass Ever since that fateful year had come to pass The hand of fate slapped me directly on the ass To make me cry and start my life So now I'll grab my own little bag of odds and ends And hop the doors before they shut me out again These diamond days & firenights sound pretty splendid Will they be there when I get there? Only time will show me how to live But I know where to begin Breaking through this shell's the key to the end 'Til then, "whoa-oh-oh..."
I'm beginnin' to think that all of my missteps And my mortal sins can't be all my fault You told me from birth it was a condition But you were dismissin' that it's a part of us all It's what I seem to tell all of my patients: "Don't let your hatred go without a fight" If only you had done the same thing I wouldn't have changed into what I am tonight And so you create an animal I don't owe you anything at all But I can promise you one thing I can promise you won't wanna meet me in a dark alleyway Way back when, all the drugs and therapy sessions Resulted in less than you, doctor, had prayed Even the beds with straps and electrodes Had only fed those demons lurking in wait It's unfortunate that I had to lie and Pretend to deny that which I truly maintain: There's nothing wrong with the mind's dark corridors And to try and ignore them is what makes us insane I was starting to think you wouldn't come But you just had to test me Now you must understand It'll end here in this dark alleyway
We are all caught up in the notion that love should be like a movie scene Catch the perfect fish in the ocean and swim carelessly downstream It's easy to believe that life is scripted with wine and roses and destiny We can't see the focus has been shifted from the facts of reality Love is not that fantastical It's living here, not in some made-up space Love is not that impossible It's just a matter of the time and place Take a sec and ask yourself: how do you define love? She'd been trying to hold her heart together; patches and glue were not enough With the help of one simple gesture, the vessels healed and fixed right up So she's simplified her expectations: what is versus what could be Thanks to the one who showed her such dedication Guess dogs have one on humanity Love is not that intangible Look around, you'll find its reach is vast Love is not unattainable Dwelling on the future, you'll get nowhere fast I am one to talk, I've discovered I'm just as bad as all the rest Searching for a concept, not a lover Perfect would never be the best But why should I resolve myself to less than a chimerical life? Knowin' when it comes, but all the while wishin' for more It's a double-edged knife What love is not; that's the problem here Too caught up in the notion, too focused on what love is not I keep forgetting to summon the happiness That those times have brought Another week, another year, and maybe I'll define love
What happened here? Why does everyone look so glum? Let's have a beer And drink to health if we've lost someone She said, "I'm sorry, but I hate to be The bearer of bad news Truth is, you're hurting us And now it's time for you to choose" What can I say? I never knew you all felt this way But on my grave I swear to all of you that I can change So have no fear I'm a brand new man tonight Just give me one more beer Then I'll turn over any leaf you'd like She said, "I'm sorry, but I knew you'd say that And I wish it was not so Although it tears me up I think it's time for me to go" What can I say? I never knew that you felt this way But on my grave I swear to you right now that I can change I can change...
There you were, just a button away And suddenly you were part of my life again Memories broke through the floodgates So it seems that the years were unkind We share similar scars now and we've both grown But a doubt still whispers On your mark, set, ready to go Ready to trip me again? I'm not fallin' for it Ready to trap me again? I won't stand here waitin' I'll place a bet this'll end in record time Moments are passing you You've got a lot of catchin' up to do Can't see the finish line? Pick up the pace or quit while you're behind Pardon me, you'll have to forgive I didn't mean to start right in like that It's just a force of habit I can't believe what you're sayin' to me If this is true, well, then anything's possible Pigs really do have wings On your mark, set, ready to go Ready to trip me again? I'm not falling for it Ready to trap me again? I won't take the bait Ready to push me again And cross the line? If you can't see it to the end Just quit while you're behind Still taking bets this'll end in record time
2.06 - Alone 03:06
You threw a curve the night I learned What you fear the most My eyes had burned and my stomach turned Because I couldn't let you know You've got a virtual army Of those who would concur with me Between your strength and your allure You'll never be alone You may infer I have some nerve But you've got to know For what it's worth, it shook my earth When you said you'd always be alone Our road was short and winding But my word is always binding So if it'll help you rest assured You'll never be alone
She has the face of a woman Young, but toughened, almost wooden A curse she received in her youth Only a girl of seven When her mother taught her a lesson One called "the ultimate truth" She said, "Girl, don't count on anyone And you'll never be let down" So how do you propose to begin To open up to your fellow man When you can't even see that your skin is porcelain But it's as thick as cement? I've done my share of neglecting Those who would warrant protecting But you only see target boards Don't be afraid to be human We're stronger than you assume We are more than you give credit for Now, girl, just have an ounce of faith And you may just be astounded
...but what if you taught me a lesson? What if you were right? What if we're all really what you say? What if you were right? I should check my defenses if you were right...
PT. I - THE DISCOVERY I'm going on a journey tonight Can't delay no more Don't even think about waiting up It'll be a while I'm gonna find out once and for all What I truly am And if I catch your scent on the trail Coming from behind I'll cut the rope And watch the bridge fall to the other side So you won't be able to follow me in I traveled on and onward for days Turning into weeks No sign of anything even close To a guiding light At last, I had come to a place Where the trees cleared off for miles A pond that reflected the black above Drew me to its edge I watched as the water Showed me something on the other side I saw what no one should ever have to see I saw what I am My true nature Water so cold I dove right in PT. II - THE DESCENT The first time I died The guests walking by weren't sure what they were seeing A fog left me blind, a rush left me numb What a way to ring in the new year I heard a gentle voice on the way out Guiding me to my resting place (O Discordia!) She said, "Don't be afraid to let go" The first time you die The breath of your life drifts away, leaving you hollow No tunnels of light or flashes of past memories Just smothering darkness You might hear a voice on the way out Difficult not to obey PT. IV - THE RESCUE When I got to the peak I found a rope lyin' next to me Stretchin' up to eternity I gave a tug on the line And shot up into a big bright light So brilliant that I had to shield my eyes To you, The one who pulled me up And saved my life tonight All metaphor aside I revere your undimming light I don't think lions could have more pride ...there I went right again It's hard to stop when I grab this pen Without a sign, with no sign of an end Thanks to you Know just what you have done? Here's to you, The one who always returns To save some other's life Three cheers for never coming apart Through all your trials sustained Three cheers to your generous heart Know I appreciate Hip, hip, hooray! Time will show me how to live my life But I've learned that there's good within mankind From the first time I died
2.11 - 12:34 03:04
I've brought you here on a slight intuition That you need something more in your life And so I must make a bold proposition With the help of some friendly advice: 'Treat your days like diamonds Make every one shine And light up a fire in your nights' The hour grows late and I've grown tired of stalling Soon I will make my wish This sidewalk leads all the way to the tower But you know that already, my dear My nerves numb me, but I'm regaining power As the mantra repeats in my ear: "Treat your days like diamonds Make every one shine And light up a fire in your nights" So just ahead, where the bells have been calling Is where I'll make my wish The time has come, but I want no intrusion I'll just wait for this last passerby We'll stop right here and I'll address your confusion Reaching into this pocket of mine We'll treat our days like diamonds Making every one shine And we'll light up the fire in our nights I'll take your hand, and to my knee I'll be falling And I'll hope I get my wish



released November 11, 2008

John Orr - vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, keys, synth, beats/sequencing, kazoos, beer bottle pan flute, alto saxophone
All songs written, arranged, and performed by John Orr
©2008 Glow Of The Night Publishing (ASCAP)
1.06 written by John Orr and Matt Stutzman
1.11 written by Billy Corgan (lyrics) / The Smashing Pumpkins (music) - ©1995 Virgin Records America Inc. (used with permission)

Instruments produced by Matt Stutzman and John Orr @ Pungent Sound (Durham, NC)
Vocals produced by Wes DeBoy at Wes DeBoy Recording (Muncie, IN)
Additional vocals on 1.02 and 2.09 ("The Rescue") produced by Eric Day @ Attic Recordings (Bloomington, IN)
2.10 recorded by Eric Day @ the Indiana University student union building (Bloomington, IN)
Mixed by John Orr @ House Of Boy (Indianapolis, IN)
Mastered by Eric Day @ Attic Recordings

Violin on 1.06 and 2.03 by Matt Stutzman
Additional vocals on 1.02 and 2.09 ("The Rescue") by Marie Buckingham, Peggy Larkin, Cameron Oehler, and Ian Oehler

Artwork concept and layout by John Orr
Photography by Phil Kijak except for performance photo by Brent Dragoo and disc face photos by Karen Regan


all rights reserved



The Last Domino Los Angeles, California

John Orr has performed under the name The Last Domino since 2005. What began as acoustic singer/songwriter fare with his first EP blossomed into a unique style through subsequent releases that spans a myriad genres from rock to electronic to Parisian waltz. Domino shows are innovative one-man-army performances, layering organic loops & beats with various instruments like the saxophone & melodica. ... more

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