Romanticide [EP]

by The Last Domino

For You 02:58
Go ahead without me, honey I'll only slow you down We both know whose ship is sinking And whose is forward bound You've got a lot to do on your own And I've made my peace So go ahead without me, honey 'Til your anchor's been released And I say let the future in 'Cos I know it only holds the best for you Well I can't imagine, honey The crime we all would face If the world would be so cruel And let such a grand thing go to waste I'm sure to drown, but don't look back now Whatever will be will be But before I go down, honey I want your star shining over me So I say let the future in For me it only holds a dead end But you are so much better than this So I say let the future in
I found the ring right away, indicating you'd gone and won't come back I hoped and I prayed that there might be a way we could patch things Alas, things can't change, but if that's the case, why'd you say, "now and forever"? Now who's gonna put the spark in your eyes? And who's gonna sing the songs that you like? And who's gonna light the fire in your life? Just who's takin' you home tonight? Tracks in the snow, that is all that I'm leaving behind me When I reach that field on the outskirts where we used to lay, then it's over I drove here to stay and always remain, seeing your face now and forever I'd shift the car out of neutral I'd even pull out the key And I'd take the hose out the window If you would only come back to me
Time is the sea upon which we all row Taunting us with every chime It's all I can do now to keep things afloat Assuming I live through the night I got the call and I raced right to you Ignoring the nurses' debates Burst through the door numbered "142" To find I'm a minute too late Well, I know it sounds trite But it's all that my mind right now truly knows Never got to say goodbye Or just look you in the eye and say, "I love you so" But that's just the way it goes I passed the church on the hazy ride home A story held fresh in my mind God took away all He could from poor Job And presumed what He did was divine So I force self-control at the wake Friends assure me that it's all okay But they can't even fathom the pain Since you've gone away So I renounce my beliefs and my faith I replace sacred with the profane And my mind's never going to change 'Cos you've gone away Time is the sea upon which we all row But my oars are ready to fall It's all I can do now to keep things afloat But time makes a fool of us all
You're gonna lose yourself tonight You're gonna lose yourself tonight Your heart'll lead you where you're bound So step right up and come on down 'Cos you're wanted in Whiskeytown tonight You've got a bone to pick tonight You've got an itch to scratch tonight There is no need to expound I never judge, won't even hound If you just enter Whiskeytown tonight Forget the one you left tonight Just push her right out of your mind Welcome to the underground In all your wildest dreams you'll drown You've just entered Whiskeytown tonight, boy You've gone and lost yourself tonight And it's gonna cost yourself tonight Mind you not to make a sound No one will hear you claw or pound You're not leavin' Whiskeytown tonight, boy For Whiskeytown you traded me your life
Swan Song 03:22
Tell me yet another Humor me and stutter and shift the guilt But you began the malice Which shattered down the palace that took years to build I've been down, but I've discovered Love is for the lovers, so why pretend? Why make amends if the glue won't dry? So just sing me somethin' bright Sing me somethin' other than lies Oh come on, that's a given You know that other women never took your place You were the only one cheatin' And I kept on believin' your angelic face I've been down, but I've forgiven Life is here for livin', not for regrets Still, happiness is a fool's paradise So just sing me somethin' bright Sing me somethin' other than lies Just a swan song to keep your respect when I say goodbye Sing somethin' beautiful Sing me somethin' magical Just a swan song to restore your pride
With my lips on the barrel My aim calm and true As the shell shouts its carol The last thing I see is you I recline alone by the fire For thirty years, it warmed you too From this world I retire, and The last thing I see is you "When you drank from the vial" "And your knife plunged right through" "We both froze in a smile, because" "The last thing I saw was you"



released March 31, 2005

John Orr - vocals, guitars, drums, percussion
All songs written, arranged, and performed by John Orr
©2005 Glow Of The Night Publishing (ASCAP)

Produced by J.S. @ Mark Of The Beast Studios (Carmel, IN)

Additional vocals on 6 by Peregrine Bosler

Artwork concept and layout by John Orr and Kirsten Hill
Photography by Kirsten Hill


all rights reserved



The Last Domino Los Angeles, California

John Orr has performed under the name The Last Domino since 2005. What began as acoustic singer/songwriter fare with his first EP blossomed into a unique style through subsequent releases that spans a myriad genres from rock to electronic to Parisian waltz. Domino shows are innovative one-man-army performances, layering organic loops & beats with various instruments like the saxophone & melodica. ... more

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