When Elephants In The Room Dance With Skeletons In The Closet [LP]

by The Last Domino

Bachelorette number one Our lives had but just begun To find your place in the sun Our threads were forced to come undone And irony's hand then led you to your one true one Bachelorette number two Compassionate ingénue If not for your different view No end to what we could do Regardless of our cloudy ending, I see blue skies for you I still see great things in you Bachelorette number three What further proof do you need? What more do I have to be To turn your head just one degree? I've wanted you just as badly as you don't want me ...as you don't need me
Sweet melatonin, please kick in soon And take me far from this room Bring dreams of goodness for goodness' sake The ones that make me fear to wake The elephants are on parade again Left trails of ruin everywhere I've been If I'd just kept my mouth shut all along They'd still be in their rooms where they belong I won't get in the way of you no more Find the beasts and grab them by the tusks Tear them out and grind them into dust When comes the mornin' through eyelids dark And brings the gossip of the larks Leave me to dreamin' for goodness' sake 'Cos I'm left without you when I wake The skeletons are out to dance tonight Shakin' their noisy bones right by your streetlight If I would only lock that closet door I may just learn a lesson or four And not get in the way I won't get in the way of you no more Find the ghouls and club them in the ribs Crush the skulls and bury all the remnants
Stop the presses He's on medication Oh, stop the presses He's on medication Well, honey, it ain't no ruse I got clonazepam blues Firebomb his house He's sellin' medication Oh, let's firebomb his house 'Cos we don't understand why folks need that medication Well, y'all are so fuckin' confused Can't see you're the reason Why I got these clonazepam blues Start the presses He's on medication Oh, start the presses We gotta vilify this motherfucker in our magazines Just for takin' his medication Natural versus artificial, no happy middle There's only clonazepam blues
Someone spare a light I don't smoke except for when I'm givin' up a fight See that girl eclipsing all other beauty here tonight? I could take her with me if I tried But I'd just leave a mess If she never even meets me, then it's for the best So I drink another cause of (and cure for) this loneliness Enduring one more winter in the Midwest If you could see me now, you'd surely run It's takin' all I've got to keep away from you, because If you could see me now, I'd surely want to Initiate the sequence so that I'd self-destruct I need a warming touch UV lights and sleeping pills can only do so much So I fill up with whatever brings that temporary rush And focus all attention on my grudge At 9pm, a Kamikaze at the bar The wind exhaled far from "divine" By 3am, I've got an army for my war My elephants and skeletons in line
Pink Sunset 02:49
I wonder how well this boxcar's latched I feel like I'm slippin' off my tracks But I've dug my grave This rickety train with only a few bails of hay Will act as my final restin' place A wide open door, a perfect view But there's nothin' to see here except you A cloud covers the sun Remindin' me of the way that your lip hovers above That one tooth that, when bared, lights up your face And mine But I have to know If I even made one iota Of difference in your life at all Before my time is gone But you won't hear me call The sun's settin' pink, but it won't last long It's a beautiful end; a fitting swan song I refuse the dark Gonna light up a spark to rival the sun's brightest spot And like it, I'll go out in a hurtlin' blaze
A beautiful thing, the word "unrequited"; it rolls off the tongue like a wave But stings at the teeth, much like when venom flows out from the bite of a snake It melts through the bone, leaving me without a semblance of skeleton left To show that I became something I never had planned She don't have the time Don't have the room in her mind to make space for a guy Who tries all he might to sweep her clean off of her feet She don't have the sight Can't tell that she's made of finer than roses and wine The sensory high, the savor in all that I eat But a spoonful of sugar won't help my own medicine go down A curious thing; my actions and dialogue always were under my rule But roles were recast; I was the prince and now I'm playing the part of the fool A clown sentenced by karma's judicial and ill-fated chain of events I just don't understand what anyone could have against happiness She don't have the time Can't even quite justify any known reason why I pass through her mind as strangers would pass on the street She don't have the sight Can't tell that she breathes the life into every night The wind in the kite, the essence of everything sweet
Your hands are frozen to the touch Your lips the color of your empty glass of blush Your eyes reflect the playful, dancing candlelight They mirror your intentions with me tonight Quick flashes of your silhouette; Gifts brought to me by lightning, thus I'm in its debt Still, it's no match for our tinder and flint Even Zeus would be envious of it Killin' time with you when the power dies A celebration of pre-electric life We generate enough energy tonight To spark a flame and keep this whole damn town alight Forget the world as it exists We'll make a new one on foundations of our bliss And when we build up to that final precipice We'll commemorate the end with one climactic kiss
Afterglow 02:32
I blow the dust off the old fingerboard And clear the webs from the bench Poised and ready to play the first chord As I see your old fingerprints A glass of gin and some wilted rose blossoms; The company that I keep I smudge the marks that you left, and get lost in The depths of my jealousy One day you will see me You could fix this broken record If you'd allow just a kiss Then again, my wounds might simply fester With the salt from your lips I'm through hiding behind metaphors Done sugar-coating the truth: If I hadn't blown the whole thing years ago I might be here with you
(What's So Fucking Great About) New York(?) Three times now it's taken those that were dear to me And tempted them with promises of what they're meant to be Sir Andrew and Sir Frank have got nothin' but love, it's true I say the bigger the apple, the much, much bigger the bruise I ask you: What's so fucking great about New York? January's just around the corner now Spread the news: I'm starting my own countdown My shoulder just gets colder, so I'm warmin' back up out west With my wagon bound pacific, destiny will manifest So I ask: Why keep going to a place that always rains your plans out?
She walks along the avenue Her dress soaks with the rain She checks the flower in her hair And hums a tune It could be that da Vinci Prophesied her face And patterned the golden ratio With her in mind Don't tell me I'm lost Don't tell me I'm wrong Don't tell me it's time I abandon this hope Love was my specialty I thought I knew it all But then my definition changed To something new It's taken every part of me To realize I can't cage A soul meant for the universe Not just for mine So maybe this weight Should finally be dropped Maybe it's time I abandon this love Maybe in another life We'll dance
There are so many of us Oh so many of us We've forgotten how to trust With all the times we've been left behind in the dust But I was wrong To think that I could brave this world alone With so many of us Oh so many of us Who go betrayin' your trust Remember not to hold all the rest in disgust See, I was wrong And you'll never have to brave this world alone



released October 10, 2010

John Orr - vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, piano, toy piano, keys, synth, beats/sequencing, melodica, cello, alto saxophone
All songs written, arranged, and performed by John Orr
©2010 Glow Of The Night Publishing (ASCAP)

Produced and mixed by John Orr @ The Closetless Bedroom (Indianapolis, IN)
Drums on "Clonazepam Blues" and "Self-Destruct Mode" produced by Wes DeBoy @ Wes DeBoy Recording (Indianapolis, IN)
Mastered by Eric Day at Attic Recordings (Bloomington, IN)

Artwork concept and layout by John Orr
Painting by John Orr
Insert photo by Rachel Rubenstein


all rights reserved



The Last Domino Los Angeles, California

John Orr has performed under the name The Last Domino since 2005. What began as acoustic singer/songwriter fare with his first EP blossomed into a unique style through subsequent releases that spans a myriad genres from rock to electronic to Parisian waltz. Domino shows are innovative one-man-army performances, layering organic loops & beats with various instruments like the saxophone & melodica. ... more

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