Seconds [LP]

by The Last Domino




released March 31, 2007

John Orr - vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, alto saxophone, two notes on a keyboard
All songs written, arranged, and performed by John Orr
©2006 Glow Of The Night Publishing (ASCAP)

Produced by John Orr @ Bubble Man's Lair (Carmel, IN)
Mixed by John Orr and J.S.
Mastered by J.S. @ Chicken Heart Recordings (Indianapolis, IN)

Additional vocals on 10 by Cameron Oehler

Artwork layout by John Orr
Cover photo by Stuart Singer, edited by John Orr
Sleeve photo by Phil Kijak


all rights reserved



The Last Domino Los Angeles, California

John Orr has performed under the name The Last Domino since 2005. What began as acoustic singer/songwriter fare with his first EP blossomed into a unique style through subsequent releases that spans a myriad genres from rock to electronic to Parisian waltz. Domino shows are innovative one-man-army performances, layering organic loops & beats with various instruments like the saxophone & melodica. ... more

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Track Name: Washed Ashore
I've been driftin' for God only knows how long
Half dead and semi-conscious, floating on and on
My ship was on its way to clearer skies
When it was tossed and shattered into pieces among the brine

It was too late for me
Too late for me until you came
I could barely shoulder the weight
Of my shipwrecked fate until you came
And got me on my feet once again
Now I'm on the mend
Because you tended to my wounds
And staved off the end

Take all the loss
And clear all the moss from my eyes
Go bury them at sea with the rest
Of all the shards and pieces of the past
'Cos with this gift you've given to me
I have what I need
To start to rebuild, reconstruct
And head back to sea

I've been fixin' holes around the deck
Not quite perfect; not oceanready just yet
But soon I'll be on my way to clearer skies
Track Name: Seconds
All in twenty-seven seconds, your location gave you away
On the phone when clicks began to break up every word you'd say
Mom must be behind this, 'cos it wasn't me, you've got to believe
Lines were cut, but static couldn't drown out what you said to me:

"Well it's too late for me
Don't waste your time
And don't cry for me
You have your own life
I've made my mistakes
But I'll remember the beauty along the way
Those seconds along the way"

All in twenty seconds, they had found you and they hauled you away
Sentenced at the hearing without hearing just how much you'd changed
Calling from the cellblock to repent to mom and our family
You maintained your calm, though you had known you'd take your life in a week

"Well it's too late for me
Don't waste your time
And don't cry for me
You have your own life
You'll fall and you'll bleed
But don't forget the beauty along the way
The seconds along the way"

Only seven seconds passed, and your casket was lowered away
All forgiven, all forgotten, save for what you said your last day:
"Much can happen in a second; make each count toward good memories"
I know I can soldier through when your words echo all through me
Track Name: You Don't Know The Half
I swear to tell the truth
Whole truth and nothin' but the truth, so help me God
Yeah, she came in at noon
Hollerin' like a damned fool 'bout how I never called

But you listen carefully
I tell you it wasn't me who shot her against my wall
You say you have the prints
Well, piss on all your evidence, 'cos I say I ain't wrong

So don't go judgin' me
No no, don't go judgin' me
It ain't my fault
You don't know anything at all

Don't throw the book just yet
There's somethin' that I haven't said, so hear my case
I'm trapped inside my head
Held prisoner in a lion's den; a stranger with my face

Just take a look at me
And tell me that you see a cold-blooded animal
So I'll tell you I was there
But hell, I'm always unaware when the other man overtakes

So don't go judgin' me
No no, don't go judgin' me
It ain't my fault
'Cos you don't know the half
You don't know the other half at all

I wasn't in control when my bullet made that hole
I'd never hurt a soul

And I'd planned to call her up, but I'd been down on my luck
Now I've shot my chance at love
What have I done?
Track Name: Naïve
You fooled me twice for reasons I will never know
And for a second time, I'll deck the halls alone
It's ever been your nature to play innocent
So what made me think this year would be any different?

Well, I'm naive

The one she loved was thinking of her eyes that day
When he was shot while fighting half the world away
He never knew about her infidelity
Somebody please restore my faith in humanity

'Cos I'm naive

"So kids, I'd like to try a little game today
We'll get to know each other better if we play
Now John, would you please stand up and address the class?
Give us an adjective you feel describes you best"
Track Name: Last Call (Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bottle)
I don't remember what was said when I caught you two in bed
But now I sit here drinkin' shit beer, chasin' Johnnie Walker Red
It's not the fact you wrecked my world, or that you left me for a girl
But now supposin' the bar is closin', I've got no place left to curl

So barkeep, please don't shout last call
Or I might just end it all
Just keep it comin' with the alcohol

I never touched one drop with you. I knew it would upset you to
But now I slump here drinkin' skunk beer, chasin' Johnnie Walker Blue
The more I drink, the more I see I don't need you to comfort me
Through empty bottles and beer I've got total clarity

Oh barkeep, please don't shout that call
Or I might just end it all
Just keep it flowin' with the alcohol

Oh, when tomorrow comes around, where do you think that I'll be found?
I've had enough to kill a full-grown cow
Oh, when tomorrow comes around, I may be six feet underground
But I'll still have one more for now

I saw your face when dawn had cracked. You pled with me to take you back
I soaked the reverie in when everything went Johnnie Walker Black
I'd just remembered what was said, but seeing your face had calmed my head
And I'd let bygones become bygones if I could return again

Oh, when tomorrow comes around, do you think that I'll be found?
I had enough to kill a full-grown cow
And when tomorrow comes around, looks like I'll be six feet underground
Too bad I never had that final round

This was my last call for someone's aid
Now it's the last call for Heaven's train
If only you weren't too late
Track Name: Clean Break
In a box in the garage
Lie the memories from when we were "us"
I took it down there and brushed all the dust
From my shoulders

I come to find, back upstairs
A message telling me you're trying to care
Evidence that you're still unaware;
When it's over, it's over

I'll hibernate for the winter
Bandage the limbs and resew all the seams
Pluck out the lingering splinters
And sleep 'til the day that I don't see your face in my dreams

Invitations to meet
Spots of lunch and some hot cups of tea
Don't sound all that appealing to me
Or to him, I'm sure

Jagged ends I can take
But usually I prefer a clean break
Of course I don't regret one single day
But it's over

I don't exist for the winter
Adjusted the bed after setting the bones
Plucked out the last of the splinters
Changed all addresses and pulled out the phones
And I'll sleep 'til the day that I don't see your face in my dreams
Track Name: Born To Runner-Up
It's been the same old tale for years
I fall on blind eyes and, of course, deaf ears
I'm growin' weary of competin' when I can't even place
When I can't get one single cheer

If I could turn myself into another for a day...
It'd sure be a temptin' thing to do...
I'd like to think that I could get the gold
But I was born to runner-up

She's never been too keen on men
But once she meets you, she is surely bound to bend
I'm not insensitive, but with you as my case and point
Well, That herring always turns bright red

If I could turn myself into another for a day...
It'd sure be a temptin' thing to do...
But I can't change anything just like that
Guess I was born to runner-up

If I could turn myself into another for a day...
It'd sure be a temptin' thing to do...
When all those awards came hangin' over me
I'd take home that prize if I was you
But I'll just have to be happy with me
The one who's born to runner-up
Track Name: The Last Joke You'll Ever Play On Me
For all the wounds I've sustained this year
And for the bruises to come
If you're even out there, you listen clear
I'll die before shedding tear one

I've never been one to shift the blame
But what other choice do I have?
Seems everything I do, I do in vain
And don't dare tell me I'm a bad man

And all of the singers who write all the songs
Sending their praises to you
Don't seem to realize they wouldn't be wrong
To hold you accountable, too

Give me a blessing, then take it back
I guess I'm good comic relief
Well this jester's got about one more act
Before he suspends all belief

You've had your last laugh at my expense
So why don't we stop on a dime?
It's not even worth my last two cents
Much less my valuable time

So call me what you will, but I'd be enraged
If I wasn't steering my life
"Divine intervention" is just another way
Of saying my will's second in line

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