I wrote this back in 2003 for a college class as an exercise in simplifying my previously abstract and bogged-down songwriting (Who, me??) to pump out a fun, bare-bones, powerpop track. It's finally found a home on Two Thirds Of Our Lives as there's not only the recurring theme of trimming the fat of our existence to truly "live" more, but also to not overthink the artistic process; rather to trust the gut and let it ooze out naturally.


Hey, somebody tell me how this all went wrong
Well, somebody lost their focus and tripped the alarm
(Ohh! I'm hit!)
Who called the cops? Where did they come from?
(Ohh! I'm hit!)
No time to run; it's either them or us

Hands down, they're not takin' us alive
Put your hands down
They're not takin' us alive tonight

Hey, somebody want to check if the coast is clear?
Well, I would, but sending you is a much better idea
(No! That's it!)
I call the shots! I'm in charge here!
(No! That's it!)
Then be my guests; I won't shed a tear

(Whaddaya think? Should we bail?)
(Hell yeah; let's get the f(woop!)k outta here)

Hands down, they're not takin' me alive


from Two Thirds Of Our Lives [crowdfunding teaser], released February 8, 2016


all rights reserved



The Last Domino Los Angeles, California

John Orr has performed under the name The Last Domino since 2005. What began as acoustic singer/songwriter fare with his first EP blossomed into a unique style through subsequent releases that spans a myriad genres from rock to electronic to Parisian waltz. Domino shows are innovative one-man-army performances, layering organic loops & beats with various instruments like the saxophone & melodica. ... more

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